„Back in Wonderland“ - Swinging Trapeze and Walking Piano

Aerial acrobatics meets live-music

Back in Wonderland, or: Who the f*** is Alice?!

Alice in Wonderland would have loved to fly! Instead she fell into a rabbit burrow - what followed is history.

But did you ever ask yourself what'd have happened if she had met the piano man in lieu of the white rabbit? After all, the pocket watch addicted Master Long-ears never quite appreciated her magic. For the musician however it opens a whole new world: Suddenly, his piano is big enough to dance it. Everything's so full of lightness that Alice can climb her rope ladder at ease and uses her acrobatic skills to reach the sky. Thus the rendezvous with the clouds is about to begin!

Heaven and earth are perfectly reunited: Lisa Rinne's internationally awarded trapeze acrobatics meet Henning Kothe's down-to-earth piano acrobatics. By the way: He's also an amazing tenor!

This original combination of world-class acrobatics and fabulous music performed by these exceptional talents will surely cast a spell over their audiences. The real Alice has reportedly already booked her ticket...