Modern World Class Aerial Acrobatics

“Lisa Rinne skillfully reunits charisma, high artistic demands and extremly risky tricks to create a modern world class circus act" (Circuszeitung, transl. by A.B.).

Indulge yourself and your audiences in unforgettable moments enjoying one of my highly rewarded aerial acrobatics performances ! The press marked them as "exceptional" and "unique".

Be witness to acrobatics defying gravity presented in charming lightness and youthful freshness. I can guarantee you magnetised gazes towards the circus cupola, hall ceiling or festival sky.

Beware: Nothing for the faint hearted!

Please discover my repertoire of top-class gala acts!

About me

During my studies at the „Academy of Circus and Performance Arts“ in Tilburg, Netherlands, I discovered my passion for the swinging trapeze, which has become my main purpose in life. After intensive training I graduated in June 2011 with a BA-diploma and left school and Holland with my solo act "Fallen", which combines in a unique way two circus disciplines: swinging trapeze and acrobatic rope ladder, an original prop that I developed from scratch.

I started a pretty triumphal course in January 2012 performing this act at several circus festivals of international renown winning not only a series of special prices but also well-rated awards as the "Silver Medal" at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris, the "Silver Elefant" at the International Circus Festival in Moscow, the "Silver Lion" in Wuqiao and the Gold Medal at the European Youth Circus Festival in Wiesbaden.

Adjacent to the general public the specialised press was just as much impressed not only by the technical and innovative quality of my performances but also by the "joie de vivre" which I share with my audiences through my love for flying.

The circus with its artistic diversity stays a great adventure and I will face the many new challenges in the future with the same enthusiasm and passion which distinguished my performances so far.

Book me and let me entertain you!

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